Saturday, May 29, 2010

Seeds for Moringa

Under the guidance of congregation member and long time Moringa supporters Milton & Louise Aldridge, the members of the Mt. Carmel Baptist Church of Midland, Virginia completed thier spring 2010 Moringa Seed Drive and shipped a box of 344 prized seed packets to the Moringa compound in Central Region Ghana on May 14th. The seed project was headed up by (pictured from left to right) Nancy, Savannah, Kinsley, and Sarah of this mission minded farming community church. Having learned about the Moringa project through his attendance at the J.D. Lohr Woodworking School in PA and also having witnessed the extreme levels of poverty that is everyday life in third world countries by themselves living overseas in the 1970's and 80's, it was abundantly clear to Milt and Louise how effective the Moringa project clearly was. It was therefore a quick decision to put their oars in the water for Moringa.

The girls pictured here, who meet every Wednesday at the church, handled the challenge of making signs and placing collection boxes at the two main entrances to the church to encourage members to purchase garden seeds as a gift to the Moringa Commmunity in Ghana. Several times during the three months of the seed collection project, the members of the church were reminded of the girl's project, and the members came through with the seed packets. A follow-up annoucement was made to the church members when information was received of Jeff Lohr's trip to Ghana earlier this year. This encouraged the members to purchase additional seed for a final count of 344 packets for the the Moringa Community project in W. Africa. In Milton's words, "It has, truly, been a pleasure for Louise and I to have been involved in this effort, for the Biblical scriptures reminds us of the importance of sharing with others."