Friday, February 5, 2010

BC High raises more than$1,240

The following message was emailed to Jeffry Lohr about a New England's High School's initiative to support Moringa Community!

Well, as we "speak" the Student Affairs Office is counting up the money collected in this morning's Mite Box for Moringa. We had a heck of a time yesterday: to drum up support and some understanding among the kids as just what it means to mill lumber by hand, we set up a "planing" station and a "ripping" station in the student Commons, right in front of the Powerpoint that you sent last week. Anyone who could rip more linear inches through a 4/4 piece of rough pine in 60 seconds with a handsaw than the Principal could (15.125") would win a "Get Out Of JUG Free" pass (JUG is detention after school..."Justice-Under-God", etc). Well, as the attached pictures hopefully show, we had about 50 - 75 kids over two lunch periods crowd around the two dozen challengers (For the record, only two kids - both seniors- beat the Principal). All in all, it was a blast!

Follow up message from Tony:

The totals are in for the homerooms from grades 7 through 12 and the event yielded $1,243.99!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Latest Construction Update

As Jeff continues preparation for the upcoming trip later this month, the construction of the Moringa Community Training Center is nearly complete.

Look at these incredible pictures Abu just sent from Baako, Ghana, where the bright blue Moringa Community truck is proudly parked next to its new partner in the continued development of this grass roots organization!

There are so many people to thank in the village for their endless dedication to making this cause a reality. For updates on the new staff and volunteers in Ghana, check our website!