Thursday, November 17, 2016

Abu’s Video Report to Moringa Community Supporters

We were excited to have had Abu, our project cofounder, return to America in September.  During his stay, a reception and project update presentation was made in the main shop of JD Lohr Woodworking.  We are proud to present Abu’s most complete and current update on our project mission goals thus far.   Please take the time to watch our video and witness where we’ve proudly taken this remarkable educational project.



Sunday, November 6, 2016

MCSOT Launches Its Own African Web Site!

Larissa & Abu develop new Phone friendly Ghana School Site
This fall the Moringa Community School of Trades (MCSOT) has proudly launched its own independent, school manged web site of www.MCSOT.ORG   The new site is intended for African access and use as well as its own in-house development over time.  

While the typical West African does not have easy access to the Internet, with the advent of the smartphone, many African families will communally own a smartphone.   Although few Africans will have a bank account, today in Africa, the smartphone is often being used for everyday financial transactions.   In some villages, people also can access the Internet by visiting the local Internet CafĂ©.   Given the expense and limited reach of print media, it was logical for us to promote the Moringa Community School of Trades on the ground in Ghana through a smartphone friendly, independent web site that is MCSOT Ghana owned and managed.  

Students work with six of our total of eight MCSOT laptops
During Abu’s late 2016 visit to America for related project development work with Jeffry and Linda Lohr, our Lohr Woodworking Studio journeyman Larissa Huff assisted Abu in developing the new www.MCSOT.ORG web site for the Moringa Community School of Trades.  While the new site was fleshed out here in the Shop in Schwenksville PA, anyone that has ever created and maintained a web site knows how much work it is. They also will  understand that any site is a constant work in progress. As our MCSOT staff become more and more knowledgeable about the new MCSOT.ORG editing platform, it is intended to grow the new Ghana site into a significant development tool for our trade school by the teachers themselves.   
Our Annual MCSOT-IT budget is $1,440/year which we need to raise to cover our annual remote Central Region Ghana Satellite Internet connection package fees as well as our new Ghana web site host expenses.  This cost does not include any funding for laptops and software for which we rely on donations of functioning used laptops and outdated smartphones from thoughtful USA project supporters.  Please consider donating your functioning laptop with operating system to Moringa Community. Org.  We also are in desperate need of a good quality, all-in-one scanner/copier/printer for our Breman Baako version of Kinkos housed at MCSOT.  Yes African's need copies made from time to time as well folks so please help us provide a local resource for this service to the village and community we serve in Ghana.   
While we are always (and I do mean always) desperate for cash,  if you do have a laptop or other useful IT equipment such as used smartphones or other, please contact Jeffry Lohr at  for donation and shipping details.  

Thanks to all who have remained with us on this project.  Please click here if you wish to donate.