Monday, May 2, 2011

Moringa News Spring 2011

Although Moringa has quite a ways to go to reach our goal of self sustainability by 2013, we could not be more proud of all that has been accomplished and the key milestones we have passed. Our Spring 2011 Moringa Newsletter is dedicated to our roughly 250 private American donors, to our corporate sponsors, Jarden Home Brands and DeWalt Power Tools, our sponsor Rotary International, and last but certainly not least, in gratitude to the five multi-denominational churches that have supported our mission of fighting poverty through education.

Please click on the photo link 2001 Moringa News (at left) to have an enjoyable read of our latest Newsletter issue titled “Turning the Corner.” In this issue, we purposely trumpeted the news of all our remarkable achievements to date. We have much good news to share. However, we continue to struggle financially, and have additional crucial programs planned but are without the funds to move them forward. We are hopeful that as you learn of our recent activities, you will be inspired to help us with continuing your financial support. “Turning the Corner”, our spring 2011 Newsletter, is our way of holding ourselves accountable to our donors and illustrating how truly effectively we have put their funds to work. To that end, this issue is brimming with good news. However, as of this release, we are still in desperate need of funds to cover the purchase of a second project vehicle to lighten the load of our worn out 1999 Kia project truck. Without reliable wheels, well, you are Americans. I doubt that I need to do much to convince you of that very real need. We also have three programs that still remain unfunded that we believe are key to us reaching our goal of self sustainability by 2013. Thanks to all who have supported us to date and we remain ever hopeful that our project will continue to be blessed by your kind support.

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